Thursday, March 11, 2010

Attic, Adoption and Kittens

Something is moving right along and something else is at a stand still...

Attic: Planning application is in! We need to wait 5 weeks before we know if someone has complained (hopefully not!) and then we should hear from the planning office and how they rule on our proposal! Right on target, we absolutely love our architect.

Adoption: You may recall that 3 weeks ago, right after my BFN, I got a surprise call from the Adoption Board, Miss L needed some extra info and said she would write up a quick report and then we should be ready to be put on the waiting list. She added to call if I didn't hear anything within 3 weeks. So, of course I hadn't. I called this morning, left a message, she called back and said that now our application was with the medical board that had to check MIL medical history and then move us to the the final board (I think that one must be right beside seems so difficult to get to that level...). Also whoever had to look at our application is off sick this week, so it'll be next week at the earliest....And suddenly it all sounded like old music. Not holding my breath to be honest with you, I think now we'll have plenty of time to do two ICSI if we have to. This thing that we may be on a prep course within a year looks more and more like one of those lies they tell terminal patients (you'll get better soon). So not in great mood about this as you can imagine. L was really nice, she said to call again in a few weeks if we still have no news. Yeah, right.

Kittens: They are both very very well, and inseparable. They got they second vaccination this evening and although they didn't enjoy it it wasn't much of drama!

My acupuncture went very well, I feel much better and yoga also was great. So this is my news! Can't wait for the weekend and the London retreat!!


  1. Wow, it must be the Percocet or something but when I read your blog title I read "Attic Adoption" and "Kittens". I was thinking, "You're adopting an attic???"

  2. Happy to hear the attic is moving forward!! The adoption stuff seems frustrating! Glad kitties are doing well.

  3. That adoption stuff seems so frustrating! I hope that you make it to the next level soon.

    Hope nobody complains about the attic reno!

  4. Sounds like things are progressing on all fronts, even if not as rapidly as you might hope at times. Hope you get the planning permission asap, so you can start off a great year with one successful project (and end it with another)!

  5. Sounds like the adoption process it not going along too quickly. Sorry about that...but at least it is progressing. I love that the kitties are bff's. How sweet is that! Have an amazing weekend!

  6. Sorry the adoption process is moving so slowly. You'd think IFers would be expert waiters but damn if it doesn't just get harder and harder.

    Glad the kittens are doing well. I demand more kitten pictures! ;)

    (and, thanks so much for the comment on my blog and the virtual hugs - they mean so much!)

  7. Eveything is moving right along girl, except the adoption application huh, seems to take so long just to get it looked at. Anyway hopefully things will start moving right along. Very exciting about your attic and London, well you know how I feel about that, wishing I was meeting you there. Enjoy yourself girl you deserve it so.very.VERY.much! xoxoxoxoxox

  8. You sound so good (well, except for all the adoption frustration - sorry about that...your comment about the final board being next to God made me chuckle, though!)...Yay for attic plans and for inseparable kittens! 2 ICSI sounds like a fabulous plan...we're doing ICSI this month, all going well. Have a great getaway!

  9. I'm glad the attic reno is moving along and the kittens are doing well!

    SO frustrating on the adoption front...but YAY for getting in next week for the procedure!

    Glad to hear the acupuncture is working, too.

  10. I am sending you the Happy 101 Award, details on blog. A Bumpy Ride x


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