Friday, March 5, 2010

Patches drama and other updates

I haven't posted anything in almost a week, I've been so busy in work...thank God we now have two weeks break...

We had a real scare with Patches (the cuddly kitten). On tuesday night I thought he wasn't breathing properly, like he had his nosed closed and his "voice" was strange too. But he ate dinner, used the litter box, played with The Dude etc. On wednesday morning still seemed ok but by the time I came home in the evening, he was definitely sick. Breathing was much worse, he didn't eat at all (as if he couldn't) and was very lethargic. The Dude was frantic, he knew there was something wrong, he didn't even attempt to play with Patches but wanted to be near him all the time. At one point I actually thought Patches was dying. On thursday morning he was still alive but in no better shape. Mike brought the two of them to the vet and we waited for news. He seems to have a viral respiratory tract infection, no fever but swollen glands. The vet gave him an injection of antibiotic and one of anti-inflammatory for precaution and said to go back in on Monday if he didn't improve (but she was optimistic). In the evening he was already much better, had dinned, played with The Dude and come on our laps for cuddles. the breathing was also much better. This morning he was up already, eager to have his food, but he's still without breaks your heart actually, you see that he's opening his mouth to meow and no sound comes out! I am a bit more hopeful now that he will recover, the vet thinks he's been incubating this virus since before we got him from the shelter (very common occurrence, and you know it may happen, but when it are already so so attached that you feel physical pain at the thought of losing the kitten). The Dude should be fine, he's a bit older and his immune-system is stronger.

Attic update: we got the official go-head from the developers and the architect will submit the planing application early next week!! Very excited about this of course!

IF update: I had contacted the doctor recommended by the clinic for the hysteroscopy to see when she could fit me in. Well, she's booked up until the middle of April!! Come on...we are talking private patient here and still is 6 weeks waiting time?? No way. I called the clinic and eventually I emailed the Super Doctor who was away this week, he emailed back suggesting someone else and all going well I should be able to get the exam done in the middle of March! That's the timeline I'm talking about!

I'm having frequent headaches which have made me paranoid that I have a brain tumour...I know I know, but some of you can understand....


  1. LOL! About the tumor. I'm a total hypochondriac sometimes, so I can relate. Although, I'm sure you don't have a tumor. Probably just hormones from your IVF cycle? I know I've been having headaches since my FET. I was attributing it to high E2/progesterone levels, but now that you've mentioned a tumor...LOL!

    Your poor kit! I'm glad he's on the mend. A couple of weeks after we got our first cat together he got gravely ill and almost died. It was awful, as we were fully attached to him within days of getting him. He turned out to be fine though, just like Patches.

    Have a great two weeks off! Take care.

  2. I am so sorry about your kitten. But, I am so glad he's on the mend. When we first adopted our dog, Em, she slept for 20 hours a day for weeks. We thought she was really sick. Turns out...she just had a hard life and needed some rest. I bed your kitties are so thankful to have a safe place to live!

    I worry about tumors and cancer too! It always turns out to be not cancer or tumors. You are probably just hormonal. That's what causes most of my headaches.

    Have a wonderful two week break!

  3. In the infamous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger "it's not a tumour!"
    But, yes, I can most definitely relate to extreme reactions and imaginings related to my health.

    Sorry about the little furball, glad he's on the mend. It's so tough when animals are sick because they can't just tell us what's wrong.

    And, Congratulations on the approval to move forward with the attic renos. When will you start?

  4. Poor Patches! When we brought home Saphron she was sick for about six months. She didn't ever bark so we were afraid she couldn't but we don't have that problem now. I find most rescues are sick at first. Othello was sick, too, but for a much shorter time. I'll be sending good vibes Patches way. I'm sure he will be fine.
    April? Whatever! Good for you for not accepting that as an answer.
    I always have a tumor. I'm reminded of the movie Kindergarten Cop. "Maybe it's a tumor?" Arnold voice, "It's not a tumor." LOL!

  5. Aww, poor patches! I hope he starts feeling better soon and gets his little voice back. Good luck with the attic project and your hysteroscopy! I'm thinking about you. :-)

  6. Poor Patches! So glad to hear he's doing better.

    March sounds much better than April. It's crazy how far out appts are scheduled. My coworker called to get an appt with her GP for a known heart condition she has and they told her they were booking out 13 months! Um, yeah, ok.

  7. Poor kitty. I hope Patches recovers soon. I'm also having stange headaches and refuse to consult dr. internet. Nothing like a home improvement job to keep your mind occupied! I look forward to hearing about it and living vicariously as we are still too poor from buying our house to do much to it.

  8. Glad to hear that Patches is feeling better. It's so scary when they're sick.

    So nice that you were able to get the hysteroscopy moved up!

    Enjoy your break!!

  9. Patches! I'd have been worried too, and I can imagine how sad he sounds without his voice. It's sweet that The Dude was so worried about him - they've clearly bonded very, very well. Enjoy your break! And exciting news about the plans. Once they're accepted, how soon do they start working? (The answer is probably: sooner than the first doc would have seen you for your hysteroscopy. Sheesh! Glad you're able to get in somewhere else.) And sorry about the headaches - they're horrible. But given the rollercoaster you've been on lately, I guess it would be impossible NOT to suffer some form of whiplash...

  10. Hope Patches gets better soon! xxxx

  11. Poor baby so glad he's better already. It is so scary when they get sick I know. You just feel so sad for them because they are so helpless poor babies. Um Fran it is not a brain tumor, ok- but I feel you girl. When anything ails us after dealing with IF we tend to think the worst. But don't worry I am sure its nothing. Always thinking of you and knowing 2010 is your year too.

  12. So glad Patches is going to be ok. How scary! Also glad you will be able to get in sometime during March. Waiting stinks!

  13. It is a good thing you were attentive to Patches and got him treatment quickly. Sweet little guy. I know what you mean about feeling terrible for them when they are sick. They can't understand what is wrong, they just suffer bravely!

    Yeah...let's move the IVF process along here! No more long delays.

    Enjoy your 2 weeks break!

  14. What sort of cat litter are you using? I just had something weird happen with my cats when I switched to "Fresh Scoop" litter - my little one started to breath weird and cough a lot. I think that some litters make too much dust...just a thought.

    6 weeks is a long time to wait. Are they going to anesthetize you for it? If not, seems they should be able to fit you in faster than that. :-S


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