Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reasons to be optimistic

Thank you so much for being there for me all the time.

Last night a basically dragged myself to bed before 10 pm. I was wrecked. The vet had called us saying that Patches temperature was normal and that we just had to wait and see.

This morning I was better, I slept well so that's always a good medicine. Mike drove me to the clinic at 7.30, I was checked in, Mike went home and promised to let me know as soon as he had phoned the vet. The initial report was good, meaning that Mike spoke with the nurse around 8.45 and she was the same who admitted Patches yesterday, so although the vet wasn't there yet and she didn't check his temp, she thought he was a bit better than yesterday. And this was music to my ears as I walked to the theatre.

When I woke up, I was in no pain at all, but I remember the nurse giving me painkillers of various kind, so I thought to myself 'Dr. B must have found something or there would be no need of meds'. I slept for a good while, and then I noticed I had a pad which was quite stained. Another hint that something more than a general look had gone on down there. Dr. B came to talk to me just before I was sent home and he showed me pictures he took which showed a lot of scar tissue on that back wall of the uterus!! There is no explanation why I had it he said, it's like a fibroid it can just grow and definitely this would have interfered with implantation!! He removed all the scarred tissue and I'm as clean as a whistle! ehehe

Then I basically slept all day and Mike went to visit Patches at the vet. His temperature is still normal, he's eating, drinking, peeing and pooing which are all good things. Still has this gagging reflex but today he was much more alert. I suppose the fact that he's not boiling with fever helps a lot. The breathing is still a bit laboured and they think there's still fluids in the lungs. We have to wait and see of course, it's still a long road and they'll keep him in until he has fully recovered. So we are delighted and trying to be optimistic!
The Dude is becoming more and more affectionate, I suppose he has only us now so we have to be enough for him. The big step is that he jumped on Mike's lap today! So again we are hopeful that with time he'll fully settle.


  1. I am glad that Patches is doing a bit better. It's always so scary when our pets (who can't talk) start feeling off. I hope Patches continues to improve!

    Yippee, you are clean as a whistle. I hope this clears the way for a BFP!

  2. Glad to hear Patches is doing better and that your surgery went well. Yuck to the scar tissue but hoping this does the trick!

  3. Thanks for updating! :) Yay for the scar tissue clean up!

    Glad Patches health is improving.


  4. Fran, honey, I am so sorry I haven't been here to support you through all of this. It sounds like you had quite a scare with Patches and I'm glad to hear he is doing well. Good luck to you and thank goodness the doc found and removed all the scar tissue. I will definitely check in to see how you are doing. Hugs and love.

  5. Yay Fran! Yay Patches! So glad you are both doing well. And interesting finding on your hystero. Perhaps that is the reason the last transfer didn't work. I'm hopeful for you that the next treatment cycle will work out better.
    Hope you are both feeling back to normal soon! Take care!

  6. That's good news that they found a culprit for failed implantations. Also, I'm glad that Patches is looking like she's on the mend. You've had a rough go in the past few days, hopefully you'll get some good news on the kitty and have some restful days her to mend yourself.

  7. What a wonderful update on Patches. Sounds like he's on the mend.

    Glad your surgery went well and they were able to get all of the scar tissue. Sending you hugs and hope you heal quickly.

  8. I am so happy to hear patches is improving and they are keeping him until he's in the clear.

    Sounds like your procedure went well too.Lets hope it was that scar tissue getting in the way of things and it's smooth sailing from here on out.


  9. I'm so glad that patches is getting better and I'm REALLY glad that your doctor was able to find the scar tissue and clean it out. Great news!

  10. So glad things went well!!!!

    Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

  11. Wow, that is so weird about the scar tissue. I hope that was the key and that your next cycle can be succesful without that hampering implantation. I seriously have my fingers crossed. Take it easy for a bit and take care of yourself.

    I am glad to hear Patches is doing better. I am sure he wants to come home and be in your arms as much as you want him to be.

    Loads of love.

  12. Sorry about the scar tissue, but so glad he was able to get it all. That's good news indeed! Hoping Patches is completely healed very soon! ((HUGS))

  13. Sounds like good news. Patches feeling better and you getting patched up. Sorry about the stinky joke.
    Get some rest and get ready to start your new life with squeaky clean lady bits :)

  14. Hey Fran, very very good news about the scar tissue, very good news! This may have been the trick needed to clear the way for your little ones to stick around, I am very excited for you! You know I am sorry you had to go through it and that it was even there, but I seriously believe this may have been the problem. Oh Fran such good news.

    Patches poor baby, but sounds like he may be getting better which is great.

    You, patches, the dude, and mike are always in my thoughts and I know 2010 is still your year girl. xoxoxoxo

  15. Yay for being optimistic on both counts! Glad to hear Patches seems to be recovering and that The Dude is becoming more affectionate...


  16. Scar tissue! Well, this explains more than just a little about your IVF cycle. I’m so very glad you had this done before your FET. Now you have the best possible palace (my acupuncturist told me that the womb is a “palace of the child” – I think that’s lovely) for your tiger penguin. Glad it’s over and now you can heal and plan on the next step.


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