Saturday, September 24, 2011

38 weeks

My little darling is 38 weeks today and decided to start celebrating very early this morning...generally when I leave for work at 7.30 is just barely awake and I was looking forward to an extra hour in bed today. Nope. But thankfully my mum came to the rescue and looked after him so that we could sleep a little longer. I don't know what we'll do when she goes back home next saturday and we have to quickly establish a new routine which involves bringing him to the crèche and collecting him in the afternoon. I envisage quite a few pizza nights...

So this coming week is packed with new things we have to do. Wednesday he'll go to the crèche for the first time for one hour, then thursday two hours and friday 3 hours. And Monday next it'll be his first full day. On thursday he also has two health checks, he has to repeat the hearing one that he failed with a nurse in the morning and then a doctor will give him an overall developmental check in the afternoon.

We still have no teeth though he's definitely more in pain in the evening and I found that homeopatic granules called Teetha help him a lot, he certainly has slept soundly all week long (doesn't even wake up when the damn alarm goes off occasionally!)
He's eating everything, loves bread sticks and he's that happiest little man when he sees that you are giving him something from your plate. He clearly says "Mammamamamamma" very loud, generally if he's upset or hungry, he whispers "Papapapapapa" which is very very cute too.
So this is where we are at the moment, work has also settled into a more organised routine now that we are two weeks into term.
I'll update during the week with the progress at the crèche and at the doctors, wish us well!


  1. I didn't know he had failed his hearing test! Do they think it was just a fluke? Good luck with all the new changes!

  2. Happy 38 weeks!! He sounds like such a darling!

  3. Sounds like he's doing really well, even with having failed the hearing test. Are you worried at all about it? Happy 38 weeks!

  4. Wow! I am sooo behind. It is great to come back and catch up on all the wonderful news!
    Congrats on the IVF cycle and on the 5 beautiful blasts:) you did a fantastic job!
    Little Oliver is such a sweetie! yay for words!:)

    Happy Belated Birthday, Fran! (didn't realize we were born in the same year!:)

  5. Fran, it sounds like you are lining things up as much as you possibly can - getting into the swing of the semester while knowing your mum can look after him, easing him into the creche. And a lot of pizza nights aren't awful - it won't be for always.

    Will be thinking good thoughts for both of you during this week of transition. (And have made a mental note of Teetha:)

  6. You're a supermom for counting the weeks! I gave that up months ago!
    Oliver sounds right on target and totally adorable!
    Isobel has started asking people for food - or reaching for it - it's kind of like cute begging!
    Glad your mom could be there to help. Good luck with the childcare transition - what's the crèche like?
    More pics please!
    Xxxoo your friend tireegal xxoo

  7. I hope Oliver has a good experience at the creche. It will certainly be a time of transition! I hope it goes well for you, too - separation can be more difficult on the mama! Thinking of you and sending you all hugs!

  8. 38 weeks - incredible! Little Oliver is growing up so fast... Good luck with the transition to the creche - let us know how it goes!


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