Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Induction: day one

I have to admit, I was very emotional this morning! I went into work, had a couple of meetings I really would have avoided like the plague, I was aware I was quite short with my students and then when I reminded my head of department that Oliver had his induction starting today I had to hold back the tears!! He was very very understanding, has two children of his own so no problem of course and wished me all the best.
I got home for lunch. Mom had everything ready (bless her) and Oliver was in great form. He hadn't slept much in the morning though due to a very stubborn delivery guy who attached himself to the bell like it was a lifesaver...anyhow. We got to the crèche at 2.30 as planned and sure enough my little petal had just fallen asleep in the car. So it was a rough hour, I left him there after 20 minutes or so and warned the girls (all lovely) that he was very tired and probably would not have gone to sleep there. When I got back right on the hour he was really upset, crying and all but the girls said he was ok till only a few minutes before. He dove into my arms and of course he fell asleep as soon as he touched the car seat. Needless to say he was already in bed this evening by 7.45.
The crèche is fantastic, the girls specified that they want it to be a "home-away-from-home" and they'll follow our routine to the letter. It works well as they have lunch at the same time as he has it at home so I am sure once he settles with sleeping there it's going to be just perfect. They also are happy to use the reusable nappies (not really common in Ireland, but there's another baby there also with reusable wohoo!!) and they'll bring him to the loo too! They were very impressed with this info and happy to give it a go.
It's going to be another tough day tomorrow for Oliver.
9am the repeat hearing test. Oh yes I meant to say, we had him tested at 2 weeks by the paediatrician and we know the ear-nerves are perfect, so this may have been a fluke due to a cold or fluids in the ear. He only failed I think 3 tunes so hopefully tomorrow he'll pass those too.
10 am we are back in the crèche till 12, he'll definitely has to sleep there or he'll be wrecked by lunch time.
2.45 pm we have another health check with a doctor at the health centre and let's hope it'll be quick and on time or Oliver will miss his sleep in the afternoon too!
I let you know how it goes.


  1. I keep my fingers crossed everything will check out ok!
    Induction day, leaving your baby with 'strangers' is not easy, it's a big milestone, though! Big (((HUGS))), Fran! Hope he will adjust and like the place!

  2. It sounds like you've got a great creche. Wishing you the best with everything tomorrow.

  3. Sounds like a tough first day, for both of you. The good thing is that it will get better from here, also for both of you, and it sounds like he is in very, very safe hands. Glad to hear about their home-away-from-home intentions. This is perfect.

  4. That must be hard, dropping him off at the creche - I do not look forward to that! But it sounds like they're great!!! Hope the hearing test went well!


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