Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wrapping up ICLW

This week really flew away! For me it has been a week filled with things to do and novelties. To wrap them all up here goes the list:

1) I had the WTF review on tuesday which went well, the plan is to have a hysteroscopy to make sure I have nothing that impedes the implantation in the uterus and then schedule the FET with the single penguin we had in this cycle. I will be on a modified protocol this time which will involve Viagra to maximise the blood flow to the uterus. I look forward to the experience :o)

2) Patches and the Dude came home also on tuesday, they quickly got to know each other and now are inseparable! They sleep together, play together, and even lick each other, so we are delighted with that. Patches was very affectionate from the very beginning, the Dude on the contrary was quite shy and would hiss at you if you were getting too close or try to pet him. Well, yesterday both Mike and I were able to pet him for quite a while (from under the table)! We are hopeful that he will relax a bit more but we know it may take some time.

3) My second PhD student submitted his thesis on friday! What a milestone for him (and for me!) I am really happy with the way his project turned out so hopefully the external examiner will be of the same opinion. The viva will be some time in April.

4) Mum and Dad have finally booked a flight to come visiting after Easter. It took two kittens to get them over here! They will love them and this is now the main topic of conversation when we chat on skype "how are the kittens?" "What do they do?" "Can you show them to us?" and so on. Bless them.

5) I have booked a weekend in London with my best friend, we are going to go to an amazing Spa (check it out here) in March! We went there for my 30th birthday 5 and a half years ago, it was about time we were going back!

6) Last but not least, I found new blogs to follow and I look forward to get to know better my cyber-frineds.


  1. Oh Fran can I meet you in London, LOL i wish I could! So glad to hear about the kitties they are amazing and you will be inseperable very soon, if not already! Our skype topics with mom and with my dad are always the cats too, its amazing how they become the main focus and are so important, I am so happy for you! Your penguin is waiting to skate on in girl, this will be your cycle. Love, Wishy xoxoxoxo

  2. I've been to that spa - it's fab!

    And, I'm with Wishing - this WILL be your cycle.

  3. I'm glad Patches and The Dude are becoming fast friends (and that they'll help lure your parents over)! Congratulations to your student (and to you) - I realize that I'm not even certain of your field, but if you've already overseen 2 PhD theses by the age of 35 all I can say is:wow!! That's a huge achievement in itself. Sanctuary looks heavenly. (And you must let us know what the Viagra is like:)

  4. Yay for your penguin! I really hope the hysteroscopy goes well. :-)

  5. WOW!! I love the picutes and the 360 view of the spa. I think I need a spa weekend too. Glad the kitties are becoming friends. Mine are 14 and 13 and still lick one another. It's still pretty cute.

    Excited for your penguin!! Praying this is the one.

  6. That spa looks awesome - and affordable too - I had to look at the prices!!! You deserve it!
    Great news all around - so glad the kitties are settling in!
    The Viagra might be fun:) thinking happy thoughts for you and your penguin:) ((( hugs)))

  7. enjoy the kitties!

    the spa looks lovely! relax and enjoy time with your friends!

    keeping everything crossed your penguin finds the viagra'd ute a comfy, exciting place to be! :)

  8. Wow - already out (almost) with your 2nd PhD student?! You rock Fran!

    Glad to know kitties are settling in and your parents will be visiting you all soon!

    Best'est vibes for your lil penguin... I am hoping the modified protocol n viagra do the trick.


  9. This post just makes me want to say "YAY!!" So glad that the kitties are adjusting to each other and to their new home. My fingers are crossed that everything goes well procedure-wise to get ready for the penguin -like others have said, this is the one!

    Loving the looks of the spa!

    And I would be remiss if I didn't confess that I totally want to hear how things go on the Viagra!

    Much love to you!

  10. Your new protocol, the kittens, work, your parents, and your spa getaway all sound so wonderful! I am so inspired by how good you are at taking care of yourself, Fran. You always manage to find your way. Kudos to you! Enjoy all the fruits of your labours - you so deserve it!

  11. So glad that the kitties are settling in so well. I understand what it's like for new "grandparents". Now that Guinness is sick, my mom calls every day to check on him.

    Wishing you all the best with the upcoming hysteroscopy and little penguin.

    Sounds like work is going well too. Yay!

    Have a wonderful time in London. You deserve some spa days :)

  12. Yeah for a plan. Plans always make me feel better and more in control.
    I love that Patches and Dude are getting along. That is so adorable.
    The spa weekend sounds so awesome. I've always wanted to do something like that.
    Thanks for your comments. We will have to do a skpe visit sometime that would be so fun. :-)
    Lots of love!

  13. And thanks to you too for the constant support hon!

    May be I should post a detailed post abt my plans... I have just been slacking, because getting to a laptop to write a long post is diff with the bedrest.

    In the interim, to answer your Q... We are going for c-sec. I know there are risks with that too... But I am not ready to complicate things on my own.

    About belly shot, I guess I am one of the IFs who can't show off her PG bod no matter how much I have struggled and deserve this (besides privacy issue). Let's see, I might just post one.

  14. 1) How very sad, yet exciting that we will both be doing surgery together. We can be each other's support system.
    2) The beautiful thing about boy kitties is that they usually get along beautifully. At least in my experience. Not only that, but they are usually very lovy and affectionate, where it is a crapshoot with the girls.
    3) Hooray! That has got to be such a proud moment all around.
    4) It is very sweet of your parents to be so excited about meeting the The Boys. Hopefully The Boys warm right up to them.
    5) I am so very envious. DH and I have been to London once and want to go back some day. If we ever do, I will let you know and we can meet up. :) Airfare is always the clincher. Well, that and the Munchkin with the time difference.
    6) ICLW is great. I am happy you found new bloggy friends. Honestly, I wouldn't expect any less from you. You're too adorable to not make new friends.

    Loads of love!

  15. That spa sounds awesome! I'm hoping and praying that the cycle with the penguin works out my friend. Very very hard.


  16. Ooohh Viagra, let us know how that goes.. ha ha.

    Im glad I found your blog via ICLW this time round!

  17. You have had a busy week! The spa in London sounds just wonderful, and what a way to celebrate all good things! It's so nice that you can get away for a weekend. I'll be interested to hear if - ahem - the viagra has any other interesting side effects! And I'm sure The Dude will continue to warm up and soon he'll be just as lovey and affectionate as Patches.

  18. Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the "You're Going Places, Baby" award! Please visit for more info!

  19. Kitten-bait! What is not to love about kittens. Enjoy them now in all their fun silliness. Also enjoy decompressing and that fabulous spa.

  20. I just love ICLW, I also found a couple of new blogs to follow. I also joined SITS, and the ladies are amazing.

    Have a fab time at the spa


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