Sunday, February 21, 2010

ICLW lifesaver week

Thank God it's here. The ICLW week I mean. When I signed up for this round I was starting my ICSI #3 and of course I didn't know which three words to put down. I think I put "uncertainty" as one of them. Well, that's definitely the right word for my current situation.
Let's recap for the new readers:

IUI: 1
ICSI fresh attempts: 3
FET: 2
BFP: 2
Ectopic pregnancies: 2 (the same two as the BFP)
Tubes left: 0
Penguins available: 1

Needless to say, it is difficult to stay positive, I have my WTF review on tuesday and I hope we will have a strategy for what to do next. After the BFN just last week, I started looking into other options such as surrogacy, thinking that it's my uterus that has something wrong, but upon researching a good bit that doesn't seem to be a likely cause in our case. It could be just the chance of bad embryos like I blogged about a few days ago. We always made it to blasts, even from frozen transfers, but who knows.
My cycle-buddies all got pregnant, as it always happens with me, and the title of my blog never felt more appropriate (a part from the fact that it was not an easy journey for them either).

On our plate there is also the adoption route. After months of silence (we put in our application in June 09), I got a call last week that everything is now in order and we will receive a waiting list number for the preparation course within 3 weeks. The course will be available to us probably in 12 months (18 at the latest) and this means that our infertility treatments have now a time limit because we have to stop them 6 months prior to the beginning of the course.

So how do I cope with the difficulties I'm facing at the moment? Well, a part from the fantastic support of my cyber-friends and some IRL people, I finally convinced Mike to add fur-babies to our household! And on tuesday we'll pick up two young cats from one of the shelters! Pictures and names will be revealed then! Do stay tuned!


  1. I found your blog Through 'The Pitter-Patter and I started my blog to offer encouragement and support to all those who are dealing with the pain of infertility. I Never did IUI, but I know the frustration all too well from TTC. You are in my prayers.

  2. Yikes, Fran, I didn't realize that adoption would mean stopping six months previously. Doh. I was hoping you could cover both bases and get double the return:( Still, I'm glad things are progressing on that front and I am glad you get to have your WTF consultation already. I'll be very curious to hear what they have to say on Tuesday, and to hear how quickly they think you should move with your penguin. I remember that it looked very robust pre-penguining, and I am thinking good thoughts.

    I'm also feeling like a bit of a fertility charm. I encouraged 2 good IRL friends to seek help after a year of trying with no luck. And guess what? Good for them, I keep saying to myself. (Sniff.)

  3. I can't wait to see the pictures of your new fur-babies!!! We have two cats and one dog and love them to pieces. :-)

  4. Hey there, I found your blog through ICLW. I am certain that the furbabies will be a good luck charm!! Hoping that this cycle brings some positive news, I know how frustrating it gets!!

  5. Hi Fran - I am so sorry to read your posts about the negative result from your last IVF. I am glad to read that you are considering putting the last penguin in (what do you have to lose after all?) and that the adoption board has contacted you. That is such exciting news. Lastly, I am so glad to hear about the two new additions to your house! We got our last dog after the first IVF failure last year. It helped so much (although she is a bit nutty) and took my mind off things. I can't wait to see pics and the names of the lovely additions!

  6. I can't wait to see pictures of your new fur babies!!! Congrats!!!

  7. Dear Fran, I know I'm one of those cycle buddies that your fairygodmother babydust worked so well on. Thank you for that babydust cycle buddy vibe and helping me along the way - I wish I could do the same for you. It's so not fair! Maybe I can send you some magic. Serious magic wand action needed in Fran's hood, come on over all you big fat pregnancy fairies!
    I can't wait to hear about your furry new family members. Sounds like you've had animals before but if you need tips there are lots of us out here who would love to give advice!
    Sending lots of love and enduring hope for your baby to come soon.
    Out of curiosity what adoption agency are you using? Is it here or there?
    I'm thinking of you my dear. Hope ICLW week helps a bit:)

  8. Fran, I just can't wait to see your fur-babies... we have 2 doggies, and believe me when I tell you, I love them to bits!

  9. I can't wait to see the pictures and see your new little fur babies!

  10. I can't believe the adoption process can take so long! I can't wait to meet your fur-babies.

    I was on Kymberli's blog (SITM) and she had posted about doing a summer SITM. So, I'm sure you will hear about it and can sign up!

  11. Hey Fran, thanks for stopping by my blog. I understand. No worries - just look after yourself, I will be here wishing you the success that you so deserve. But by the way what does a WTF review stand for? Everytime I read it I think it's a WHAT THE F@*K review??!

  12. can't wait to meet your kitties!!! cats are wonderful.

  13. I hate to ask a stupid question, but I'm confused. (Maybe I missed the answer in your post, but I'll ask anyways.) Why must you stop IF tx's six months prior to adoption?? Is that a rule with the agency you're working with? Or am I just missing the obvious?? I haven't heard of anyone else going through the process mentioning that, so I'm just curious...

    Anyhow, just stopping by from ICLW to say hi!

  14. I have my WTF tomorrow too.... hope you get some encouraging info from your doc.

  15. P.S. I adopted two shelter kitties. They're the best!

  16. Another ICLW visitor - pussy cats make most things better - looking forward to seeing cute kittah pictures!

  17. Here for ICLW. You have been through a lot. I like that you have a WTF post! I will be reading.


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