Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back and ready to start

I'm back in Dublin and quite happy to be out of the heat!! It was actually very very difficult to sleep in Italy...
Thank you my friends for the support messages about the weight gain, I do feel much better (and didn't gain any extra while on holidays!!). I've also finsihed with the pill so it's all good to go for my fist scan on thursday. I feel a bit anxious (not about the scan, just this cycle in general) and worried that it may be another big blow. I'm a also thinking about which complementary therapy should I try this time around...as I mentioned before I kind of tired of acupuncture, and I was curious to try possibly reflexology or reiky... and I'll do meditation this time too. Any suggestion from you girls?


  1. Glad you made it home safe and sound. The first night back in my own bed after being away for a while is always a great sleep.

    As to the complementary therapy, I can't offer any advice. Acupuncture is my thing... I love it!

  2. just wanted to say Hello:) I'm also doing IVF with ICSI in July and really hoping it works...

    Here a little info about me..lol
    In May 2009 We were going to do our 1st IVF/ICSI.. But my ovaries didn't respond well to the drugs and I only had 2 measurable follies when it came time for the retrieval..(I have PCOS) So we Got canceled and my Dr. Let us try IUI insted.. IT didn't work.. But I knew with out a miracle with my Dhs "low motility" IUI would never work for us...

    Hoping that this JULY cycle works for both of us:)


  3. I find that meditation is really helpful. I tend to be a very high stress person in general, so anything that helps me calm my brain is great. I had a friend that took reiki and she loved it. Very healing...

  4. Welcome back Fran! I find reflexology, yoga and acupuncture work very well for me.... and of course early nights. Nothing like a hot bath with lavender oil and then being in bed by 10pm. I feel like a new woman when I wake up!

  5. Re: alternative therapies
    I am seeing a naturopath right now who prescribed Coenzyme Q10 for me - this is apparently quite new and is showing promising results. I also go for acupuncture. Wishing you all the best for July!


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