Monday, July 20, 2009

Final scan, checked!

Day 11 scan was today and it also went well! Follicles are basically ready to be retrieved!! I have 6 nice follicles on the right (3x20mm-3x16 mm, plus 2 more around 14mm) and 5 good ones on the left (3x18 mm, 1x17mm, 1x16 mm, plus 2 small around 12mm). So I got the goahead for ER on thursday!! My E2 levels on friday were at 2020 so nice and easy, they are giving me a call this afternoon after they get today's E2 to decide if I'll be doing Pure.gon tonight or not. So the plan now is to have the last Orgal.utran tomorrow morning, the last Clex.ane tonight, possibly Pure.gon tonight and trigger with 10,000 units of Pregn.yl TADAAAAHH tomorrow night at 10pm European time! ER will be at 9.30 am on thusday morning.

I am excited...and I have to be calm!! Booking in with my reiki/acu/massage girl for wed night just for the little extra help!



the clinic called, E2 up nicely to 5642! so only 100U Pure.gon tonight and I'm good to go!! Thanks for your support girls, hopefully this will work for us!


  1. Wahoooo!!

    Your follies are great. I am excited for you. Thank you for your support and I hope and pray that we both get our BFP soon.

  2. Fantastic news! Okay, now I have to do some math so that I can figure out what day/time it will be here in California when it is Thurs/9:30 am for you so that I can be thinking of you during your ER and praying and wishing and sending you tons of positive vibes! Can't wait!

  3. I will be sending good vibes your way during your ER. Good luck!

  4. Oooh exciting! It's trigger time! much much luck with the ER!!


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