Saturday, July 18, 2009

First intralipid infusion done!

I didn't manage to update last night on my intralipid infusion. Well, it's no big deal...ONCE THEY MANAGE TO FIND A VEIN THAT WOULD HOLD THE NEEDLE!! Oh my God...this clinic had only one type of cannula which was too big for my veins.

After two attempts which resulted in two collapsed veins and me nearly passing out, they got the superdoctor in and the ordeal was over. He was great actually!
I have to do it again in two weeks and they promised they are going to have smaller needles for me. The drip was only 250mL but took over 90 minutes to be done, thankfully I brought a book with me and I didn't get too bored.
Also no call this time from the fertility clinic, so everything is well and I'll follow the plan.


  1. I'm glad they finally sent someone in who could find a proper vein! And I can't imagine why they wouldn't carry various sizes of needles, but good that they are planning to have one for your next infusion. Yeah, I understand the infusion must be run quite slowly, so it was good that you thought to bring a book. Fantastic that everything is staying the course!

  2. I've got a major needle phobia, so I could really relate to this posting! But it sounds like they got it right in the end. :) Glad to hear things are on track!


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