Monday, July 27, 2009

News is in, transfer scheduled for tomorrow!

The embryologyst called at 5 to 5...I didn't think it's was going to be good news at that point...I was expecting a call around 4.20!! But once again I should have done somethign else with my time other than worrying...

So it looks like good news again for the moment, here's the situation: yesterday all 6 embryos looked very good (no wonder they didn't call, but WTF you would think they realise how torturing this is) but today one 7 cell and one 8 cell din't make the transition to morula!

Imagine if those were the one you would have transfered on day 3! They looked good the embryologist said but obviously not good enough, they would have frozen them yesterday.

One is behind schedule, yesterday it was 5 cell and today 6.

But three are morulas!! One compacting morula and two showing signs of compacting, so transfer is for tomorrow at 2 pm getting ther at 1.30 blah blah blah. Of course there is still the possibility of a dreaded phone call by 10.30 tomorrow morning....but let's just hope it won't happen and 10.30 seems so much better than 1pm anyway.

Once again I am getting to transfer with a load of stress on me that it won't be any good, but there's nothing I can do. I'll go to see my acu/reiki french lady before trasfer anyway hopefully it'll help a bit!



Thank you for your messages and encouraging thoughts. You are right and I know you are, this is good news and I have to appreciate how good it is. So as I came home I took out my Wii-fit and did lots of yoga and deep breathing while burning lavander oil and citronella! I feel so much better, I feel positive, there will be no call tomorrow, and in any case there's nothing I can do about it so I will focus on a good night sleep and pre-transfer CD! Also the Wii gave a great news that I'm finally loosing a bit of weight!! Since I started 17 days ago (says the machine!) I have lost 3.5 Kg (7.5 lb) which made me feel really good about myself! Damn pill! I'm done with you!!


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  2. Sorry that some didn't make it. Sending embryo growing vibes your way and praying for sticky embies. Good luck in the morning. Can't wait to read your transfer story!

  3. Yay... sticky vibes for you!!! :) Good luck for tomorrow! {HUGS}

  4. Wait a minute...this is good news! Why do you feel stressed and like it won't work? Don't do that to yourself. There's always going to be an attrition rate - some that don't make it. That's just part of the odds. But you have 3 super good looking morulas! And tomorrow they will be inside you, making themselves at home! Focus on that. Be giddy, girl! It's getting better and better!

  5. The great news is that there are 3 Woohoo! Glad you did the Wii and that you're relaxed. It's tough, but you just have to leave things with the universe and hope for the best. Also, congrats on your weight loss!

  6. Fran,

    Thanks for stopping by to give me your thoughts and support - really appreciate every bit of it! I am soooo over-the-moon excited for you and your transfer tomorrow. I'm holding fast to faith and prayers that God will keep his hand on your embies. Praying you will have a good nights sleep and be refreshed for tomorrow's big day!

    Lots of love,

  7. wishing you the best of luck tomorrow. Stay positive.

  8. Hooray. That is great news. Praying that your transfer is a breeze today. KUP. More good news is to come.

  9. Good luck with your transfer!! Sending sticky thoughts your way!


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