Sunday, July 26, 2009


You know the verification word you have to type when you leave a comment on some people's blog? Most of the time they don't have any meaning, but today, while I was egarly reading avery blog on the ICLW list and leaving nearly as many messages to try and keep sane while looking at the clock moving ever so slowley, this one popped up "mother" I took it as a good sign and typed it in making sure there were no spelling mistake!

So it's almost 7.30 pm local time here, I am breathing again. No call! Oh boy today was tough. I didn't want to post any sooner just in case I jinxed the good "mother" omen. Oue embryos must be doing well enough for them not to call us, of course the embryologist did say that the transition to tomorrow is the critical one, but at least they WILL call tomorrow no matter what! So when the phone will ring at some point somewhere in my office where the reception is better (damn shilded windows!) I won't be panicking straight away.
All your blogs kept me distracted and I decided to join a few more which I felt particularly close to. Clare posted a lovely post today on the different approach between men and women on the 2ww. I really felt so close to that post as Mike today watched a few matches on telly, shouting at the referee and being completely calm/positive about the fact that we were on the line of fire today. I told him once "I'm worried about the phone call..." his answer was "there's no need to worry, they won't call!". A part from the fact that he was right (thank God) he had a very enjoyable Sunday while mine was a miserable one! I envy him for his ability to NOT WORRY about things unless they happen, I think I could do with a bit of that quality too!
Again thank you all for your comments, I swear I would be lost without your support.


  1. Yay for no phone call today and hoping for fantastic news tomorrow! It won't be long now.

    Oh yeah, there is a big male/female difference with all things IF related. I've had outright arguments with my DH over his seeming lack of interest or attention to the whole thing. Maybe it was the hormones/drugs, but there I was, sobbing and asking to be acknowledged.

    Anyway, sorry you spent a nervous Sunday. Here's hoping for a joyful Monday.

  2. Great news (no call)! And am glad Sunday is over for you! :) Yeah, I definitely wish I was as cool as my DH (not fuming and freting over things beyond my control)... though I have noticed that he is pretty involved in the blog updates (the ones I follow) I give him... thats some consolation (that he is tiny bit more involved than he normally is) to my confused and antsy state of mind!

  3. Thanks for your supportive comments on my blog - there seems to be a theme on a lot of blogs this weekend re: calm men and fretting women! So happy for you that Sunday went by without a call, and wishing you the best Monday ever!

  4. Praying your embies are PERFECT for your transfer. That's my husband, "STAYING CALM, AND CARRYING ON." While I'm a nervous NELLY!

  5. Good luck! I hope your embryos continue to develop and that your transfer goes really well on Tuesday!


  6. Sometimes I wish I could be as calm as my husband. What is it about men and fertility? Wishing you well with your transfer!

  7. YAY for a no call! My husband is the same way! He never worries unless there is a reason to worry! So frustrating!

    I also wanted to say that if you would like some of Tarah's products, she can mail them to you. Just go to her blog and email her. or if it's easier you can email me and I can give you her email address. Whichever.

    Grow embies GROW!

  8. Oh my goodness, I can totally relate to how differently men and women handle EVERYTHING related to infertility, ttc, and even pregnancy. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around my husband's reactions to certain things sometimes but then on the other hand, I envy him for his ability to be so incrediby laid back. It would be nice to live life that way. Best of luck to you- I will be checking back to here how things went!

  9. Good luck!! I know that was a sign!!

  10. Have you heard back yet Fran? Fingers crossed for you! {HUGS}

  11. Fran, best of luck with today's call. Keep going you little embies!!!!


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