Thursday, July 30, 2009

Intralipid and progesterone

This morning I went into town to get my intralipid infusion. I realise I never really explained what it is for so here it goes another little science lesson! (taken from the info material I got from the clinic by the way)

"Evidence from both animal and human studies suggest that intralipid adminstered intravenously may enhance implantation and help mantain pregnancy. Intralipid is a 20% intravenous fat emulsion used routinely as a source of fat and calories for patient requiring intravenous nutrition. It is composed of 10% soybean oil, 1.2% egg yolk phospholipids, 2.25% glycerine and water. Intralipid stimulate the immune system to remove "danger signals" that can lead to pregnancy loss. The appeal for intralipid lies in the fact that it is relatively inexpensive and is not a blood product. Its likely benefit to IVF patients with immunologic disfunction is still under evaluation".

So basically, given that I had some borderline values in my preliminary immune-profile they recommend I take it anyway as the full treatment (2 dose at day 8 of the cycle, one in the 2ww and one at some point if I get a BFP) is cheaper than very expensive blood tests which are done in only 3 labs in the World (!!) and that would confirm if I really need it or not. The same ordeal of the needles repeated itself, I just couldn't believe it that despite the promises of having various size needles for this time around, despite me reminding the coorinator when she phone last tuesday to move my appointment a day earlier, despite the fact that the words "relatively inexpensive" really means it costs a good bit and it ain't covered, I still had to be tortured. Because that was it. Three bursted veins later the doctor only put in half the cannula to get around the problem and it worked. I actually suggested it like the worst junky on Hearth...I had to explain I had been a paramedic for 6 years and I had a few tricks of my own. I am going to complain though, if they don't have the right equipment I shouldn't pay full price for the treatment. Another worry on my mind was about the progesterone I'm taking this time around. A girl on the local forum, on the same vaginal gel ( 8%) but no oestrogen tablets, started bleeding way before the testing day and that shook me no end. I went checking all my meds and discovered that one dose of gives you 90 mg of progesterone (I take two a day). On my last cycles I was on progesterone pessaries which gave you 400 mg per dose (and I had two a day of those also). My very first cycle, to the pessaries I was adding PIO once a day (50 mg of progesterone but as injections). I never, thankfully started bleeding earlier than the test day even when it was a BFN. But you know, I'm no RE of course, but these numbers don't make sense! I did a bit of reading and it does seem that the formulation of is way better than the pessaries and that you do absorb the same amount even though you are on a lower dose. Because I'm at home at the moment I don't have access to the scientific journals i could see if I were in work so my mind was racing. I called the clinic and they said there has not been a single case where switching to had made a difference, so basically, IF progesterone works for you and stops your period even if you are in fact not pregnant be reassured that will do the same job. And so I decided to believe and my wait to the test day continues...


  1. Your poor arms! And how could they not have the proper catheters after last time? Good for you speaking right up and advising them to only put the catheter in part way. Two infusions down and one to go - sometime after your BFP! It's good that you confirmed the progesterone dose with the clinic - I would have done the same thing. Now try to relax a bit!

    And you know I absolutely adore you for wanting to take a boat all the way over here to be sure I'm leaving my garden alone and resting! But I can't have you miss your blood test, so we will have to wait to meet after the babies are born!

  2. What an ordeal! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Thank goodness you were able to advocate for yourself (I wouldn't have known what to do!)! Little did they know they had a former paramedic on their hands, huh? ;-)
    The Intralipid sounds great, though - glad you got it! A gentle suggestion for you: Now that everything is all on course, perhaps staying away from Dr. Google for a bit might be helpful, so as not to cause yourself any undue worry. Take good care!

  3. Thanks for the explanation! Wow, sounds like you had quite the ordeal... You should complain and you shouldn't have to pay full price for that!

    About the crinon.e, I was on it and also the suppositories. Never bled through either... you will be fine on it. Don't know if your nurse told you this ... and it may be too much information, but my nurse told me that it builds up quite a lot in there so when I was in the shower I should insert my finger and swirl it around just to get rid of some of the gunk. It's disgusting, but I'm glad I did it 'cause I can't imagine what it would have been like in there if I hadn't.

  4. Im also doing IL, its neat to see Im not alone!
    Best thoughts to you!


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