Friday, July 17, 2009

Second scan: cheked!

Day 8 scan this morning and things are looking good! My lining is up to 8.3 mm with nice triple pattern, follicles on the right side are up a bit (8/9) measuring nicely between 13.3 mm and 11 mm. No newbie on the left, still 7 growing nicely (4 around 13 mm and 4 abit smaller). Dr. L (my absolute favourite!) was very pleased and once again, unless the blood comes back with some suprise this afternoon I have to stay on my medications as planned. Monday is the day of the final scan and EC still on track for the following wednesday or thursday at the latest.
I checked again with Dr. L to make sure that I'll be triggering with pregnyl and not decapeptyl and she confermed that there's nothing that is indicating possible change of plan. Delighted with it.

Feeling very well, of course I have some twinges in the belly, but overall I am better than the last time. I'm going to my acu/reiki/holistic massage appointment today and really looking forward to it. Then, in the afternoon I'm getting this intralipid infusion for good measure!

My little sister is going to NY for 6 weeks leaving tomorrow, lucky chick! Seriously considering the possibility of a long weekend over there too!! But can't plan anything now of course.
I'll try and update this evening with news on the infusion!


  1. Could your reports get any better!! I love all the good news :) I have a friend who is having infusions done right now and she says they are not too big of a deal. Here's hoping yours goes smoothly too! Enjoy your nice, relaxing massage today - sounds yummy! What a great way to kick off a weekend.

  2. Oh, Fran, I'm so happy for you that everything is perfectly on track! You lining is stellar and you've got lots of maturing eggs in there to work with. If only the time would go a little faster, eh? I know the feeling. Coincidentally, I have a sister who lives in Boston who left yesterday for a 2 week visit to London and Ireland (although to be honest she never told me which city). I am SO jealous! Before we got married, my DH and I toyed with the grand idea of getting married in Ireland (my heritage) but discovered it would cost more than we could afford. Although I live in CA now, I grew up in upstate guess it's just a small world.

  3. Good stuff - hope everything keeps going along well!


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