Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two blastocysts are with mommy!

Wow...a few little miracles happened today. First of all, your messages kept me calm, they really did and I'll never be able to thank you enough for them.

The second miracle was that when we got to the clinic, after one and half our of reiki and acupuncture together (totally recommend it!), added on top of relaxation techinques all through the morning, I was the most peaceful and relaxed person they have ever seen...

The third miracle was when we talked to the embryologist. We actually had questions written down for her so she knew she was in for a long chat (and my bladder wasn't full enough enyway!). Both Mike and I are scientist and Mike is a molecular biologyst so I mean...we just don't want the dummed down version of what's going on, we need a scientific detailed explanation and if you have papers to back you up we'd love to read them! And she was lovely, she totally engaged in the conversation and gave us every little detail we were asking for.
So here it goes my little science lecture for the day!

She rechecked my E2 value and confirmed that 9 eggs out of 13 follicles is exactly as expected and that it correlated well with the 5642 on monday last. She said a value of 500-1000 is what indicates a mature egg (I had lower values, but maybe these are different units?).
7 mature eggs was perfect out of 9 total and the fertilisation was also very good with 6 out of 7 looking good on day 1.
On day 2 all the 6 embryos had 4 cells. At this stage they get put into a different culture broth to help them developing further.
On day 3 we had 3x8 cells, 3x7 cells and 1x5 cells. They were all doing well with only one having minor signs of fragmentation.
On day 4 (yesterday report), we had 3 morulas, one compacted, one 20% compacted and one 30% compacted (early stage morula), one 7 cell and one 8 cell didn't divide, the 5 cells grew to 6 cell. Again here they get a new batch of growing medium which is richer an should help the step from morula to blast.
Today, day 5 our two early morulas were beautiful blasts with nice cavitation showing (where the embryo is going to form), the compacted morula was also a blast but the cavitation was not as pronounced and it's under observation until tomorrow. Remember the 6 cell embryo? It became a compacted morula today!! Liked the new food apparently! And so did the 8 cell arrested embryo! Another compacted morula! The 7 cell didn't budge. So amazingly, we may have something to freeze tomorrow, in a cycle where we would have been happy to have something to transfer today! She'll phone us tomorrow in any case to let us know.

The transfer in itself was easy and the doctor was the same as I had for the ER, so now he's my absolute favourite one! He was very nice and encouraging which is nice to hear.
Testing day will be on the 9th of August (Mike's comment was "oh, the day of the All Ireland semi-final!" he's a big hurling fan, a traditional irish game...) and I don't have any tests at home because I'm determined not to test ealry! I'll be taking a few days off work this time.
I'm going to go in for my second intralipid on thursday morning instead of friday, but apparently it's no problem. So here I am, in my 2ww for the fourth time! Praying for my dream to become real.


  1. Right now, at this moment, you are pregnant! That's what I kept telling myself the day of my transfer. Revel in that a bit and allow it to feel real. It's great that you should have something to freeze...not that you'll need them of course for another year or two for a sibling. I have a good feeling about this transfer. So take it easy, lie down and stay horizontal as much as possible today (and tomorrow!). I'm so glad you had a nice transfer day.

  2. I will be keeping everything crossed for you girl! My beta will be 3 days after yours. We WILL be pregnant together ;-).

  3. You are PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)! I will keep you in my thoughts over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the 4th time is the charm.

  4. Good luck! I hope those embryos snuggle in!


  5. Perfect!!!

    Welcome to the 2WW. Your dream will come true. I just know it. Everything has just been great...and it has to end on a great note...a BFP.

  6. Sounds textbook, and completely fantastic. I've been thinking about you!!!! Can't wait to hear if you have some for the freezer:-)

  7. these are really great news! what an amazing fert and development report. Congrats on your beautiful blastocysts! may the grow well and develop into beautiful babies.
    crossing fingers for you. :))

  8. Hi Fran!

    First, congratulations on your embabies!!! I agree that right now, at this moment, you're pregnant.

    I have everything crossed for you for a huge beta # and a healthy and happy 9 months for you and your baby(ies)!!

    As for the smell goods - email me at tarahville@cox.net and I will find out if I can ship them to you and email you back with an answer and a price if it's alright.

    Thank you for looking me up. Wishing you all the luck and can't wait to see that BFP!


  9. Congrats to you - wish you so much luck and that you have good little embies who stick to their mommy!!

  10. Yay! What a fantastic day! Congratulations! Good for you for doing reiki and acu, and for taking some time off...Sending you and your baby blastocysts lots and lots of positive energy!

  11. Everything crossed. (looks like we're on the same schedule)

  12. Big hugs to you for a great transfer! Glad everything went well. I am sorry to keep you hanging... I will be posting shortly!

  13. Hoping for great news this time! We also had an ectopic-after-ICSI, so I can relate a bit: and I will be cheering you on this time around. Peace during the how-can-it-take-this-long wait.

  14. Hi - I'm visiting from LFCA - Just wanted to send you positive thoughts! It sounds like you had some fantastic em-babies!
    Wishing you lots of luck!


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