Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another scare

So after all my positive thinking and good hope etc. last night I got another awful scare.

We went to the party and I talked openly to C. the hosting girlfriend who's also an intensive care nurse and a lovely lovely person. I told her we were doing IVF at the moment and that I wouldn't have had anything to drink, and possibly I would have gone for a bit of a rest around 10 pm. She said "we are doing it too in September!". And there she was, another fellow IF in disguise! We had a lovely chat of course, and she gave me a room, so I told her I actually did get a BFP on friday. She was beside herself with happyness for us, I told her about the spotting and of course, like you all, she said it can happen and not to read to much into it.
Anyway, it was a lovely evening until I went to the loo. Blood. Not on the toilet- paper, on the knickers. I didn't even feel it. Again not much, but plenty to depress me completely and put me in the mood to go to bed at that very moment. I put in the progesterone, told Mike, we had a bit to eat and then excused ourselves and went to the B&B. C and S (the husband) were of course very understanding, didn't make a fuss of it at all.

Sleeping patter was at its worst, but didn't manage to calm down much. We drove home this morning, Mike is going to the mach in the afternoon. Again the spotting seems to be over now, but I decided to test again to see if our little line of hope was fading away. Today would have been the official testing day according to the clinc instructions.
The line isn't fading, it's getting stronger, now it's basically the same intensity as the control, if that means anything at all.

Now, I don't know if I'll be able to relax until tuesday, but maybe if it was a chemical pregnancy the line would have faded by now...I'll take it easy for the day and hope for the best. Love to all.


  1. oooh sweetie this is so tough. But the line looks strong, it looks good. Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed for Tuesday! In the meantime there's an award waiting for you here:

  2. Oh dear! I'm sorry you are worried. Here is a mantra for you to get through 'til Tuesday:
    Bleeding is fine, Rest is good,
    In due time, all will be as it should.
    I think your body is just continuing to do its job and I know it seems scary but this is all normal. Sending you lots of love!!! XO

  3. Hang in there Fran. I am sure everything is okay. Relax, Relate, and Release (those negative thoughts)

    Praying that everything is okay.

  4. Oh what a wonderful, powerful line it is!! So glad to see that Fran. Sorry about your scare though. Tuesday just can't get here soon enough, but I sure hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Oh, and thank you SOOO very much for your detailed comment about our OHSS issue. What a great idea about measuring the fluids like that. Never thought of it actually. I'll definitely keep an eye on everything and won't hesitate to call the clinic if needed.

    Last night was much better - took some baby-friendly prescription pain meds finally and kept a heating pad on me all night. This AM the bloating feels better (I'm still as big as ever, but it feels better for the time being).

    Anyway, you're the best for caring so much to give me your insight! Really appreciate it!


  5. So sorry about the spotting :-(. How scary *HUGS*. Look at that gorgeous dark line though!!! I can't wait to hear your beta numbers. My beta is just a day after yours!

  6. We must be having the same patterns - spot a bit, then it stops. So I cannot say don't let it frighten you, because I know how it feels. But you did the right thing by going to bed as soon as you could.

    The two lines look great, very strong, so just keep thinking positive thoughts and Tuesday will be here soon. Of course I will be at my new job and won't be able to check your post until late. But know that I'll be thinking of you every minute.

    I also think it's great that you and C discovered each other's secret and have a new shared bond. It's good to have IRL supporters (as well as those of us who adore you already).

  7. Hello I just found your blog and want to send a hug today.

    I wish you all the best in your efforts to have a family. From one who have been there, take it from me, it will be well worth the efforts

  8. I spotted for EIGHT days. Brown, red, pink. Just when I thought it was over, the brown would change back to red. I didn't think I had a chance. Hang in there. It's not abnormal with IVF. ANd that is a GREAT line!

  9. I guess I'd feel just as nervous with the spotting. But it's probably all good. Hang in there, rest and clear your mind as much as you can.

  10. Sorry for the spotting again! Hang in there... Tuesday is almost here! BTW, one of the blogs I follow had a similar situation in the begining and now she is preggers with twins at 14+ weeks! If you wanna check her blog out (unless you have checked it out already):

  11. Fran, I have been dancing in little circles for you (in my head, of course) all weekend. I really think you are in good shape. You continue to be in my prayers. Hey--nominated you for an award on my blog. You're awesome!


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