Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First scan booked

Your comments had me in tears. New people stopping by just to say congratulations melted my heart. I showed them all to Mike who had teary eyes too. I am an amotional wreck these days. Mam says it must be the hormones, but Dad seem to have the same bug too!

Lat night we stopped by our local church. I don't know if I had mentioned it but I am not very religious and I think my major problem is not if I believe in God or not, because I do. It's nearly everything surrounding God that I think sometime is a bit of a joke. Most humans will do their best whether they are religious or not, but some others woudl consider themselves better just because they are religious. Anyway, I digress. Lately I found myself getting more spiritual, as I was saying to Flower and then to Tina who posted a very similar discussion, I have started praying again. And last night, on the way home, I really felt I should say a special thank you because what is happening to us is nothing short of a miracle. We lit two candles, and you all were in my thoughts. We prayed together and I felt peace.

I slept incredibly well last night, never woke up and actually didn't even hear the alarm this morning. Today I think I had the very first strong hint of nausea after lunch. Getting better now though. Tomorrow I'll be officially 5w and my next week will be a tough one. With the ectopic after the first fresh cycle I started feeling unwell around 5w3d and Hell broke loose by the time I was 6w. I lost tube and baby at 6w5d. But I want to keep positive, I feel well, I have no oneside pain and my beta values are encouraging that things are in the right spot this time.
Mike and I have referred to the embryos as "the Flashes" because that was the term Dr. O used to point out to us on the ultrasound the white flash containing our embryos that was being shot into the uterus. I was looking at the time and it was 2.45 sharp when they went in on the 28th of July. When we got the BFP on friday, Mike said "We'll call him Nathan Jr. (from the movie "Raising Arizona" which we watched on DVD durig stim, ndr)!" now we are back to Flashes...or Arizona Jr.... or Nathan Jr.

I phoned the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit in town and they booked me in for an US on the 28th of August. Exactly a month after ET! All going well I'll be 7 weeks.
Last thing today will be to stop by the chemistry to pick up the rescription. I'm already very very tired, better go soon!


  1. It's funny how we are on the same page with the emotions and how we are handling everything right now! I am so excited that you have your first scan booked! One week after mine. I know you will have some anxious moments for the next few days, but I will be thinking about you (and who knows maybe I will make it to church and light a few candles myself)!

  2. So so happy for you! Wow that scan is so soon, can't wait to hear what the results are... do you think you might have more than one bun in the oven?

  3. Girl you got me in tears now...I am so happy for you. I can't wait for you u/s. More good things are to come. We are ectopic survivors.

  4. We'll call them Nathan Jr.... too funny! I too believe in God, but not so much in organized religion. I pray pretty frequently and think that God can be reached from just about anywhere. Some people need the structure and that's cool, but I think you're right... just because one person is religious does not make them any better than the non-religious one.

  5. I have been thinking about you even though I haven't had a chance to comment. I think it is so sweet that you went to church to pray and light candles. I don't go to church either (although I'm not opposed, if only I could find a church that felt right) but when I came home after my first successful ultrasound, I got onto my knees in the bedroom and thanked God with everything I had. So I understand how you are feeling. Sweet that Mike went with you. My husband wouldn't go to church for anything.

    It must have been fun to make your scan appointment. I can't wait to see a picture (will you post it?).

    Just remember that you could feel some one-sided pain that is perfectly normal. The ligaments will begin to stretch a bit as your uterus expands. I have had it from time to's a bit pinchy, and goes away after a minute or two, but won't be excruciating like I'm sure your ectopic was.

    Thinking good thoughts for you every minute!


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