Friday, August 7, 2009


Girls, this morning I woke up gain at 4.30. Sinking feeling in my stomach. Went to the loo, back to bed, no more sleep, up at 6.15 for another pee and putting crinone in. Slept a bit more until half seven. I got up and peed again, I definitely had some spotting. Not just the gunk of the crinone, I think it was definitely more. Had breakfast, back to the loo. Definitely spotting. Told Mike it was all over for us, we were devastated, the fecking crinone didn't even get me to test day for the first time ever in my IVF history. Mike kept saying we'll wait until tomorrow and do the test anyway. But I said we'll do it now and put this behind us, I'm ready to throw in the towel. So squized out a bit more pee, dipped the test in. Unbelievably it was positive...the line came up before the control line, quite strong and it's 2 days before the official test day. I started sobbing and so did Mike, the poor man couldn't find words to calm me down.

Rang mum while sobbing, she thought something dreadful happened, couldn't understant what I was saying. Then she understood. She passed dad over, he couldn't get a word out either. We went straight to the clinic for blood test as with my history I cannot take any chances. I am in shock, I'm afraid to believe it's true this time and it'll stay...
At the clinic they were lovely, I couldn't stop crying, the emotional italian in me took over this time! The doctor seemed quite confident we'll be ok, I showed her the test (you know the way you want other people to confirm it's true), but of course only the HCG will tell.
I told her about the spotting, she said it's probably normal, she doesn't like crinone either and I'll go back to cyclogest if the news is good.
I'm not myself this morning. I'm afraid to go to the loo.


  1. Oh Fran. I'm so sorry you've had to go on such a horrible emotional roller coaster ride. My acupuncturist has told me that it's very common to have spotting during pregnancy and it doesn't mean there's anything wrong. Some women have it every month throughout their entire pregnancy. So I believe your doctor is right - you are going to be fine. I know you won't believe it until you get the results, though - when will you get them? In the meantime, just breathe and try your best to stay calm. (I know it's easy to say!) Sending you lots of love and prayers. XO

  2. My stomach was doing flip flops this entire post. Oh, I'm waiting on baited breath. So very very very very excited for you. Hopefully, you will have the results soon!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so so happy for you guys! I have heard that sometimes you spot inspite of being PG! So, I guess as long as your beta's climbing... you should be safe!

  4. Wow - I've missed out on a lot :-) I'm so glad to hear about your BFP! Darn spotting - it always messes with your mind. I know in your next post that the levels are okay, but I hope they soar very soon to put your mind at rest :-)

  5. Did you just hear a strange, faint sound? That was ME screaming with joy at the top of my lungs! I'm sure you must have heard it, even from 11,000 miles away.

    Oh, my sweet friend, I immediately had tears in my eyes when I saw the photo on my dashboard and came right away to read your story.

    Honey, YOU ARE PREGNANT! It worked! And to think you took the test just to learn the "bad" news and get it over with.

    Congratulations! Much love, joy and hugs flying across the ocean to you!

    I see you have another post and I'm heading there now.

  6. OMG I missed the announcement. Congrats! You are pregnant. I am so happy for you. I saw your beta. I got the news after everything happened today...Sorry about the spotting...but I've heard that it is don't put too much into that. I am so happy for you and your husband. I can't wait to hear your results next week. I have this huge smile on my face. Yay you are pregnant.


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