Saturday, August 8, 2009

The marvel of a good night sleep

Thank you all so much for the kind messages and encouragement, big virtual hugs to all of you in return!

Yesterday I went home from work early in the afternoon, I was shattered, the emotions, the beta news, the "reading everything possible about beta values" really took their toll! I fell asleep at around 10.30 I'd say and even if I woke up as usual I din't have bad feelings or worries..I've been happily staying in bed with my eyes closed and a tentative smile on my face.
I also stopped the and went back to the cyclo.gest which made me feel better instantly. The spotting has practically stopped, and again it was never really red, more "old stuff". This morning a little bit of the old came out and I'm hopeful that it'll be the end of the gunk!
I have not tested again, I'll do it on tuesday before going in for the beta #2 just to see if I'm still pregnant and prepare myself in case I'm not. But for now, only positive thinking.
I've done a lot of reading about beta ad IVF and I came across an old blog which reported some nice info. I'll report here the two most relevant facts and I'll link the research papers which the author quoted also.

IVF pregnancies generally have lower hCG levels than other pregnancies. The theory is that non-IVF pregnancies implant sooner, thereby having more time to generate hCG than a transferred embryo would.

Initial hCG levels are lower in pregnancies achieved through a day 5 embryo transfer than in those resulting from a day 3 transfer. Apparently the extended culture delays even further the implantation or the cell mass of the blastocyst(s) implanting is smaller than in natural/3 days embryo pregnancy. Still day 5 transfer has a higher pregnancy outcome than day 3.

Now so, all this is very promising indeed! But then I went reading Stacey's post when she found out she was pregnant back in March and I think her hCG do compare with mine (147 at 15dp3dt or 18DPO)...and look at her now! 23 weeks along! And she had spotting too! Right, of course I know it can be different for me, but reading positive stories helps keeping the faith!


  1. OMG!!! For some reason I didn't think you had your beta until today. I DEFINATELY think this is VERY promising!!!! If you would subtract 3 days from my beta, I bet I would have been at the same place.

    That said, I was DEVASTATED mine was so low...and like you said, look at me now:) Remember the important thing is increase in #, not the starting point.

    I have faith this is it for you!!!!! Can't wait until Tuesday!!

  2. Yay for positive stories! And I am so very excited for you! Congratulations, dear Frannie! Have fun at the party tonight - you'll be the cutest Peter Pan ever! XO

  3. Yes, please stay positive! You know what? I was researching a few weeks ago and found a scholarly research article that discussed the same information (about lower initial HCG values). So try to remain calm and happy these next few days. Glad you're off the goop - that will help things a bit. Now then, despite what you commented on my blog about coming here soon for a proper hug, I believe you will need to wait at least 9 months, because I don't want you flying with a belly full of baby. But after that we should meet and have one hell of a baby play date!

  4. Celebrating each and every one of these positives you've been given! The good nights sleep never hurts either - hoping for another one of those for you tonight! Thanks for stopping by my blog to celebrate our good news as well - really appreciate it!

  5. keep the faith!!! I have a feeling the spotting could be that one embryo implanted and the other one perhaps didn't.
    To me this all looks good, but I understand your concern. I'm crossing my fingers for you. Just reading your whole reaction to the POAS made me feel right there with you, as if I could see the entire scene through your words.
    by the way... I have an award waiting for you at my blog. In case it's not your first, then just take it as another compliment. :)


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